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Synonym Stars logo

Synonym Stars

Synonym Stars is a fast-paced word matching game where players need to quickly identify words with the same or similar meaning.

World of Words logo

World of Words

Match the key vocabulary to essential environments of the ever-growing World of Words!

Sentence Samurai logo

Sentence Samurai

Sentence Samurai is a comprehensive sentence modelling tool for the whole school. Learn how to elaborate sentences by focusing on words and phrases that can be changed or enhanced! Become a sentence Grand Master with Sentence Samurai!

Magic Verbs logo

Magic Verbs

Magic Verbs is a fun storytelling game where players verb choices change how the story happens and how the story feels.

Vocab Lab logo

Vocab Lab

Use the Vocab Lab to analyse the DNA of words! Can you identify the correct ingredients that make up each word!?

Teacher's note - From classroom to home:

Break Down Barriers and Increase Outcomes:

Vocabulary Ninja was created to offer exciting, time saving and evidence-based learning resources that have impact, particularly focusing on developing, deepening and widening a pupil’s vocabulary. Your student’s vocabulary is quite simply their key to unlocking the doors to a world of understanding. Without an ever widening and deepening vocabulary, we can never hope for our children to be excellent communicators, problems solvers or empathetic and understanding human beings. Vocabulary, or quite simply put…words can be a significant barrier to understanding, learning and communication. And so, it is Vocabulary Ninja’s mission to provide an ever-developing range or learning resources for schools, parents, teachers and pupils to engage with and use.

Free For Everyone:

Vocabulary Ninja’s Mini Games are totally free to use, are ad free and are 100% safe for your child to use on a range of different mobile and computer-based devices. Each game has been designed to be simple to use and extremely playable, whilst covering a range of vocabulary, grammar and sentence level priorities that align with the National Curriculum. ‘What’s the catch?’ I heard you ask. There’s not catch, no-one is excluded, and everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop their working vocabularies! All we ask is that you spread the word and share the Vocabulary Ninja Mini Games with everyone you know! Especially in the modern home learning climate, Vocabulary Ninja’s Mini Games are a fantastic resource to be able to share with parents and pupils to support the development of their learning at home.

Vocabulary Ninja logo

A Whole World of Vocabulary Ninja:

If you haven’t heard of Vocabulary Ninja previously, we have an outstanding resource website with thousands of high-quality resources to support learning in school and at home. We offer low-cost, annual teacher subscriptions as well as subscriptions for the whole school allowing for multiple users. Vocabulary also has a series of highly-recommended academic texts covering vocabulary development, reading comprehension and writing, all of which can be found at www.bloomsbury.co.uk or vendors such as Amazon.

Why we created the mini games:

Vocabulary Ninja strives to enhance and develop the vocabularies of pupils across the world, and what better way to support this process than through games! The games have been designed to support learners of all ages develop their vocabularies and have fun as they are doing it, whilst also supporting teachers, schools and parents deliver learning in an engaging manner – with no financial barriers and inclusivity at the heart of each game. That’s why Vocabulary Ninja’s Mini Games are free for everyone to use! Vocabulary Ninja is proud to offer these games and hopes for the current games to be developed further and also to have new learning games added in the future. Thanks to Vocabulary Ninja’s partners Colehouse Communications and the Tees Valley Combined Authority respectively for their support in making the games a reality.